2.100: borrowed fictions

borrowed fictions **
ephemera, acrylic & ink, 6x7"
the poem pictured:


(go here for larger glimpse)

other words in this piece:

jagged bits framing locked
stare listen flakes ten
brass judge [blank] velvet
constellation upwardthru keys face
thigh peak bobbypin marvel

if you'd like to see your pane poem revealed, send it to me and i'll arrange and photograph it and either send it to you or post if for everyone to see.

A few of the word-based entries from day 1 really struck me, and I found those words swimming through my thoughts yesterday. I knew I was headed in the right direction after watching John's entry for day 2.

Last fall, I fell in love with Austin Kleon's "Newspaper Blackout" poetry. And I like the idea of interactive poetry or something like post-publication collaboration. Expect to see more in this vein as the summer steams ever onward...and likely beyond.

** The words selected to appear as panes in this piece were culled from Steve's fiction "On Precision," Stormy E's poem "The Unthinkable," Kendra Bartell's poem "a tangle," Cathryn Esten's poem "Icy Hand," Neha Bawa's "when?," and words that came to mind while I viewed John's video "face." The feed for Kendra's piece displays her poem as one run-on moment and splices together several words without spaces in between them. I loved reading it that way and was surprised to see "proper" spacing & line breaks at her site. I included the spliced words in my Bingo version.

Post Script
It didn't strike me until just now, but I likely channeled the inspiration for this piece in part from a poet who served as my mentor for 2 undergrad courses. He has spun a new journal called Spiral Orb.

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