3.100: anchored between the known and the unknown

anchored between the known and the unknown
larger view here

I wonder how often, in this project in particular, I'll experience this sort of unexpected synchroncity. I realize that sounds silly. Synchronicity by definition should be unexpected, and if you show me any two happenings, chances are good I'll be able to draw more similarities between the two than not. Still, the 3rd video installment of this summer, entitled sky | road | sky, seems comfortable and familiar either through movement or linearity or whathaveyou. Shrug.

I found this scene on Saturday while I was out & about. I did not have my camera with me and told myself the next time I swung by I'd check and see if the flags were still a-flyin'. Lots of thoughts flapped in the wind along with the snapping of all these plastic points. New Orleans and the people there, art and all that entails, the desire for so much that I am beginning to doubt I'll be able to pull it all together in time. But I'll keep pushing for it, for all of it.


  1. This is fantastic! Great framing + angle - I love how the flags stream down as if rays of sunshine!

    FYI, you can link to my feed for 100days at http://www.twitter.com/100arguments The link above simply points to my first entry.


  2. Thanks Nathan! And sorry about the link...I changed it.