Day 75 1/2

Ring the churchbells, let the alFabets begin.
Forget A through E, today's postmodern alFabet starts with
F is for:
Feelings. Nothing more than Feelings;
Fringe-Free surreys;
Flea-Flickers, and Fake jewels, and seagulls a-Flock;
Facebook & eFFervescing about nothing to everyone;
Former Flings Found Frolicking bed- or topside;
Felonious Frisbee; isometric Flippancies;
FistFuls of Feathered Flies;
Fracking (Frantic Fucking, not Fractured hydrology);
Flamingos; pFizer pFarmaceuticals; flying monkeys and saucers;
Filled to the rim with brim;
Fingered to Fruition.

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