Day 93

asemically speaking, continued
acrylic & tempera on canvas panel, 10" x 20" (top)
acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20" (bottom)


  1. LOVE the black on yellow one! It is very visually appealing for me, strange how much more so than the other way around. I wonder how personal taste & aesthetic preferences are built, weird stuff!

  2. My roommate said almost the same thing! And I feel like it's a little misleading--that black is actually purple, but it's even hard to tell up close and everything! I think the undercoat of yellow on the smaller (top) piece alters it enough from being an "opposite" and somehow allows that aesthetic sense to wedge itself on in!

  3. And I've got a couple more that will debut tomorrow, including the biggest piece I've yet to work on! I'd like to play with some new materials...plywood, maybe, or something like it.