Day 16

Verde es verdad

There's little relief in sight. Summer in southern Arizona is always a challenge, but this year, with so much of the south and east of the state on fire, the midyear furnace seems especially unbearable. Just tonight, Pops and I were chatting about how much nicer the weather had become after the sun went down. True, smoke was in the air, but it felt almost balmy. As I climbed into my car, I checked the temp gauge: 94 degrees after 8:00. Balmy. Mmm.


  1. Gorgeous, so bright and refreshing.

  2. I just had a long weekend away, walking around & sightseeing in temperatures that hit the 90's, and can't imagine coping in the Arizona heat. Luckily when I got back home the thunderstorms have left my garden under 2" of water - I hope I get some fresh green leaves now...