Day 28

Books About Lobster, text & props
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I started a new class this week called Surrealist Writing. It's being taught my Matt Rotando, who just may be my new peach hero. Fantabulous exercises, dynamic "home" work, and a pool of creative energy possessed by my classmates whose depths cannot be measured. For our first homework, we had to complete 3 20-minute writings and cull something from one of them; make a mask (real or imagined...mine was real); and choreograph a "hand dance." I'd been playing with this poem about lobsters, and so naturally I created props/finger puppets of lobster claws (and then proceeded to knit a lobstery scarf during my presentation); and made a kelpy mask. It rocked beyond belief!

I wish ALL of this year's 100 Days artists could join in this class--I honestly think you'd love it!!!


  1. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing and the wish!

  2. I love it! "Lobsters knit the best scarves." Awesome.