Day 21

fire in mind / Wallow (revised)
watercolor on canvas, 8" x 8"

I played around with this some today and I'm feeling better about it, although I suspect it may not be as well-received by its earlier enthusiasts. Wildfires are on our minds these days, and this summer is going to be a doozy. It already is. My brother is a seasoned firefighter and is already on his third regional callout of the season. Though he is well into his career and works mainly with logistical concerns, this fire is worrisome. And hey I just remembered I wasn't going to litter my posts with blahblahing, so perhaps I'll comment some more down there.

first version, posted around 8am MST

I'm not particularly happy with this, and even started a new piece last night. But I think part of the process and inner dialog has to include "showing" the things that don't work, and maybe giving the thing some time to breathe before readdressing it.


  1. And here I was going to say how much I love this, so vivid and alive. Love the "source" which I see as the muddied cloud on top, and the outspilling that's as bright as life.

  2. I really like this piece too, I think as Susan mentioned, the sense of spilling, of motion, is very appealing.

  3. in fact, I loved it so much it inspired my own day 21 piece ;)

  4. I like them both but the revised one is just so striking! I am really enjoying your work!