Day 11

Stella's treading


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    Some words about the Stella project:

    Moving and still images of the work begun while in a course at the University of Arizona Poetry Center called Chimera: An Exploration of Hybrid Writing, taught by Arianne Zwartjes.

    Drawing on my background in the visual and literary arts and using a hybrid approach, I created this body of work using several points of inspiration, including:

    * a critique written in 1991 by Robert K. Wallace, that addresses a series of paintings by Frank Stella, which in turn addressed Moby Dick, written in 1851 by Herman Melville.

    * uncountable conversations with friends and fellow artists & writers.

    * the song So Tonight That I Might See, by Mazzy Star.

    * the song Suzanne, by Leonard Cohen.

    * illustrations from the book Education Manual EM442 Foundations of Biology in Two Volumes, selected and prepared by the editorial staff, United States Armed Forces Institute, for the use of personnel of ARMY - NAVY - MARINE CORPS - COAST GUARD, by Lorande Loss Woodruff of Yale University, original copyright date 1922, republished 1927, 1930, 1936, 1941 & 10 July 1944.

    * time spent pushing my toes into the sand at the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean.

    * time spent painting jellyfish.


    * the color blue.

  2. My work today was inspired by your day 11! Thanks!

  3. Woohoo, you're welcome!
    And also, who are you? :) The name link here goes to a fairly blank page and I can't match you up on the netvibes page...hmmmm.

  4. love this one but also the simple pieces in the 100 day project. i like the simplicity of your work - makes it the more powerful, very zen-like. thanks! my own is here. cheers from berlin.

  5. thanks Marcus! I keep having to learn that if I try to be complex, I end up with a giant mess.