A new summer, a new series of 100 days

Just last weekend, I was driving around and thinking that if 100 Days was happening this year, it was probably going to get underway very soon. I also had the thought that there's no way I'd hear about it since I gave up on the project in its last iteration so soon after it began. But then up popped a facebook email saying, essentially, GAME ON and well, here I am.

The last year brought a pivot of sorts in my work and I really started to focus on creating written art (mostly), poetry for lack of a better word. I took two classes through the University of Arizona's Poetry Center and completed two unrelated bodies of work, Threads of Stella and Bird Poems. I guess "completed" isn't quite right as I see them as ongoing pursuits, and as such I suppose it's more accurate to say I finished versions of them. I know both bodies will see new breath this summer as I interpret the daily themes and work on stitching together some cohesion between those themes and the ones I explore in these narratives.

I still consider myself a crazy, obsessed amateur photographer, but I also started playing with video (a tiny bit) during my Stella project. And creating visual art to accompany the language I craft is still top priority. Basically I'm still exploring that intersection where the visual and the language arts collide, I've just gotten better at examining that crash site and piecing together written fragments that illuminate slices of the story.

This is a huge commitment and I'm un peu worried that I'll wind up giving up again, but I want to push through and finish. I hope that's enough. I've got some stuff going on 5/31 - 6/3, so posting will be sporadic at best those days, but other than that I plan to be here, crafting, creating, collaborating, pushing myself and sharing what I create with you (and the rest of the world).

Thanks for letting me give it another go!

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