Day 9

Paper flowers
paper, wood, glass beads, glue, tin can & salt
(whole piece)

I'm not sure how much "academic artists" dwell on whether they're creating art, but I spend a fair amount of time thinking about that very thing. I suppose some of what I create could be considered folk art (in that I'm self-taught, self-motivated, unrepresented and uncommissioned). I'm not sure that today's 100 Days entry counts as art, but I am including it as my day 9 piece because it is the product of a specific pursuit of creative expression...even though that isn't necessarily how I would define art if asked for a definition. But I enjoy spending time with materials, thinking about how they're supposed to go together, and then finding new ways to mesh them.

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  1. Oh Sina, I love it! "What is art?" is an unanswerable or at the least arguable question. Are my words, when looked at in crooked black circles and dashes and curves, art? It all is, I'd say.