Day 49

This morning found me on another trip to the zoo...I'm enjoying spending large chunks of time with/near each animal, surveying their behaviors and watching them watch me. I'm trying to divvy up my time so I don't spend all my frames on, say, peacocks and elephants, which would be totally easy and okay to do. I spent today's outing solely in the South America habitats and I was surprised at how much I was interested by those animals, too.

Something I've long believed in, as far as my governing photographic philosophy goes, is presenting the world the way it is. In urban nature areas, this means the inclusion of utility poles, asphalt, and other human-constructed stuff. So at the zoo, that means I have no aesthetic issues including wires, fencing, dirty glass separating me from imminent death and the like. I plan to make at least weekly trips to the zoo for more animal studies, and I'll likely wrap up the daily photography entries as my 100 Days projects next week. Or not. You'll just have to wait and see.

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