Day 50 1/2

I liked Nicolette Wong's response to Sarah Ricther's images here and here, which led me to stumble back a ways through Sarah's work when I found myself gazing happily at this. Nicolette's word choices made quite a raucous echo as I arrived here:

jagged pulse racing, left behind after
a lapsed maze begins to confess her sins to
the corner carnival barker, slow and honeyed
the sound of bow dragged over g-string
(cello, not panty)
resonance threaded with both time and
wide glaring curtain strings.


  1. wheeee~ good stuff, delicate & sweet images.

    thanks for reading my work too! much appreciated.

  2. Wow! Beautiful words Sina. You've challenged me to look at day 20 in a different way, and somehow it's become something altogether new. Thanks for including me in your creative process.