Day 67

driving straight through / i ain't got time for the pain
soundtrack: rain on roof and "Patience" by Guns & Roses
still images from video shot 7.24.11, Tucson, AZ

inspired by Carol & Steve who drove from Fresno, CA to Pensacola, FL and back in little more than a week, with stops in the Grand Canyon, Oklahoma City, NOLA, Pensacola, NOLA, Austin, Tucson & San Diego.

also inspired by a video John Timmons shot for last year's 100 Days project and though I thought I'd be able to find it without delay, it's harder than I thought. however, I do think it was his satellites surround us (and preamble crawl) that stuck in my memory so vividly and then promptly shook itself all around.


  1. I honored your talent on my FB wall with a well-deserving link to this site. You are so talented. I really hope you know just how talented you are!

  2. Gosh thanks! :) You're very kind, and while I know I sound like a cornball, it was so good to see you...like way better than I thought it would be if that makes sense without being offensive!