Day 62

Lion study, continued
Tucson Zoo, 7.19.11

P.S. A sad note, Watoto, one of the giraffes at the Tucson Zoo, died yesterday after ingesting toxic oleander plants. A second giraffe is ill and suspected of also eating the oleander.


  1. I love the lions! I have about a hundred pictures if not more of animals from the two! zoos we visited on our honeymoon and dozens more from other zoos. One of my favorite pictures from the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Park is of lions sleeping in and on an old Jeep that was left for them in their habitat. Sad to hear about the animal fatalities, my profile picture for my 100 Days blog is a sign from the Southwick Zoo that was put up after the poor old elephant passed away.

  2. Zoo pics are fun because there can be so much going on in each shot! And while I used to be maybe not anti-zoo, in my idealistic youth, I've come to realize that a zoo experience is often the only way most people have access to "wild nature" and I would guess that by and large most zoos today are trying to be as responsible as possible to all involved parties. That second giraffe is still sick--I hope she makes it!