Day 54 1/2

It was the summer of fruit flies
(I try always to name my summers)
in the shoe garden where I
first saw them, lacing fruit
with seed and expelled breath, a swarm of
with moonlight pale bones
jutting out
after curfew, screams swallowed
and coughed down hollow throats
while I focused on learning piano in the
: chord, scale, staccato, do re mi
drunken fingers pecking like hungry beaks
below the pearly surface
of night.

Hold back my pink prism, prison
from draining away with washergraywater,
to sweep and scoop the ashes as the snail moves
knowing full well that waters would lap
their words away
soon, knowing full well that
soon means different things to journalists


  1. I stumbled upon Susan E's line "to hold back my pink" tonight and I suppose that's where all this nonsense began. I then started scouring through lots of 100 Days artists, looking for possible next lines...sometimes I sculpted your words down, or embellished them, changed a pronoun here and there. I don't really even know if just doing it is okay, or if I should have asked permission first, but I figure the process of getting it done was good practice. I didn't factor in that my word file wouldn't be allowed by blogspot, nor that firefox would burp just after I had the thought "I should really save this" but neglected to take action and so all told, I typed this out three times tonight...like I said, good practice.

    This is very similar to a "borrowing" exercise we did in that Surrealist Writing Workshop I raved and faved over a few weeks back. Leave your thoughts, yes, and hatemail I suppose as well.

    Thanks to all the artists whose work informed my writing/outing this evening!!!

  2. all writers do is put words together in different ways.. no-one owns the words and when you put them together in a new way you make something new and interesting.. and you make it ;)

  3. I'm not sure I've ever had the chance to read a poem of yours. It was wonderful Sina!!! - filled with lots of vivid images and lovely word play.

  4. Love it! What a thoughtful and well put-together piece of work, Sina. I'm proud to be included!

  5. Thank you J & C & S! I highly recommend it!

  6. thanks sina, for including me and for leaving a note on my wet rock in the sea. you're a very skilled poet and collagist, i enjoyed this!

  7. Cool! Glad to have sparked interest and connectivity in you! (As you and so many have in me during this summer.) A braid of work reworked into your words and a parade of hyperlinks!